Toasted Tomato Cheese Sandwich

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Can’t decide what to make for lunch? How about a fuss-free, flavourful Toasted Tomato Cheese Sandwich! Using high quality Canadian Cheese, this lunchtime main will surely be the ‘cheesiest’ part of your day.

This post contains sponsored content. I was fortunate enough to receive monetary compensation and/or products from Dairy Farmers of Canada. Although compensated for my efforts, all opinions are my own.

Friends! I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news? There will be an influx of cheese puns on my Twitter feed over the next few months. The good news? I, along with a few crazy talented Bloggers, have teamed up with Dairy Farmers of Canada to bring to you accessible and delicious recipes featuring Canadian Cheese on a monthly basis. Seriously! Please don’t pinch me….

Each month I will be challenged to create a recipe featuring Canadian cheese. Which, by the way, is recognized as some of the best cheese in the world. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

This month we were provided with a lovely wedge of Heidi cheese from The Farm House Cheeses out in Agassiz, BC (by the way, you should totally check out their website! They have awesome pictures of happy cows and goats that will surely put a smile on your face). In honour of it being National Grilled Cheese month, we were challenged to create a delicious and ooey gooey grilled cheese. I have a difficult life, don’t I? 😉

As the Heidi cheese I was given was perfect and clearly created with fine craftsmanship and love (just look at her close-up shot), I didn’t want to overpower the natural robust flavour of this hard cheese. This is always something to be mindful of when you have invested in higher quality ingredients. Let the more-costly ingredient shine! It is definitely a crying shame to overpower the beauty and flavor of a quality cheese like this Heidi. As such, I decided to make my sandwich with on-the-vine tomatoes, which is both a budget friendly choice and mellow in flavor. For my bread, I chose a strong Winnipeg style rye which uses cracked rye rather than rye flour to give it a distinctly rich taste that complements the richness of the Heidi. Add a bit of mayo, cracked black pepper and a lot of butter and you have a simple yet flavourful little sandwich!

Really, keeping things simple is sometimes exactly what you want to do. Also, eat Canadian cheese. You definitely want to eat Canadian cheese



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