Gluten Free Pesto

Gluten Free Walnut Pesto Pasta

Hosting a friend or family member who is affected by Celiac disease this summer? Make sure they aren’t left-out! This Gluten Free Walnut Pesto is a delicious, fuss-free and safe dish to serve that won’t break the food budget.  This post contains sponsored content. I was fortunate enough to receive monetary compensation and/or products from Barilla […]

BBQ Sirloin Strip

Sirloin Strip with Red Wine, Rosemary and Blue Cheese

Why not celebrate the Mom in your life by throwing a casual dinner party and impressing her with your cooking skills? This Sirloin Strip with Red Wine, Rosemary and Blue Cheese is an indulgent yet super simple recipe that brings the restaurant ‘wow’ factor to your backyard. This post contains […]

Toasted Tomato Cheese Sandwich

Can’t decide what to make for lunch? How about a fuss-free, flavourful Toasted Tomato Cheese Sandwich! Using high quality Canadian Cheese, this lunchtime main will surely be the ‘cheesiest’ part of your day. This post contains sponsored content. I was fortunate enough to receive monetary compensation and/or products from Dairy […]

Green beans with onion and tomato

Fresh Green Beans with Tomato & Onion

Looking for a crowd-pleasing, seasonal and budget friendly side dish to serve with Easter Dinner? These Fresh Green Beans with Tomato and Onion are the perfect accompaniment to a light and fresh turkey dinner! Add a generous glass of Two Oceans Pinot Grigio, and you have the perfect Springtime feast! Cheers! This post contains […]

Roast Turkey Lemon and Rosemary | Peppers & Pennies

Lemon and Rosemary Roasted Turkey

Hello Spring! With the warmer weather and tulips comes a new found energy to host friends and family for meals such as an Easter feast. Have you ever thought about forgoing the traditional ham or lamb and serving a locally sourced and budget friendly turkey for the occasion? This Lemon […]

Steel Cut Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Don’t you hate it when you buy the wrong item at the grocery store? As someone who strives to save money and reduce food waste, I was completely upset with myself when I went to buy a bag of steel cut oats to make Bircher Muesli and instead purchased […]

Clementine Gin Muddle

You know how the internet jokes that you can hide your deepest, darkest secrets in the story sections of food blogs? Well, hold on to your cup of coffee. I am about to get sentimental. I wanted to discuss the importance of community. Specifically, in my case, this lovely food blogging […]

Basic Budget Biscuits

Hey all! I am excited that I am not only unveiling a new look here at Peppers and Pennies, but also my very first series! This recipe for Basic Biscuits is the first installment of my Budget Basics Series. This series will cover a range of affordable, basic recipes that all […]

White Chocolate Cranberry Meringue Square

This post is sponsored by Egg Farmers of Canada as part of their #SimpleCheer campaign. It is way too easy to get caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, isn’t it? Last year,  it was my Husband and I’s first Christmas as a married couple. I eagerly played […]