Grilled Caesar Veggie Tartine

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Looking for a lazy summer day lunch recipe? Look no further! This Parisian inspired Grilled Caesar Veggie Tartine is packed with summer garden produce, comes together in 15 minutes and is absolutely delicious thanks to Litehouse Caesar Dressing!

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 I don’t know about you guys, but I am having an amazing summer so far. I feel I am going on adventures every weekend (6 hour hike that, according to my iPhone, involved the equivalent of 95 flights of stairs, anyone?) and tackling projects around the house (sanding, stripping and painting a deck is not fun). But, because of all this I am feeling a bit pressed for time. I am lucky enough to work most of my days from a home office and can pop-out to the grocery store on my lunch but I am still feeling the squeeze. You would think with the sun setting so late here in the Canadian Prairies this wouldn’t be the case but, Alas, it is!

Because I like to squeeze as much as I can during my lunch hour or the weekend adventures exploring this amazing Province of ours, I have been on the search for the perfect summer lunch. You know the one; light yet filling, full of summer produce and actually feels ‘summery’ when eating it BUT requires minimal effort. There are few lunches that fit this criteria, so I decided to come up with one.

My first rule is I didn’t want to run all over the grocery store to get what I needed to make my lunch. I started in the produce section and picked-out ripe beefsteak tomatoes (when-oh-when will my plant be ready for harvesting?!?!), firm green zucchini and a large, crisp red onion. I didn’t have to venture very far to get my next ingredients for my lunch! I chose a bottle of Litehouse Caesar Salad Dress and Dip which just so happened to be in the refrigerated section of my grocery store, right beside all the delicious leafy greens! I then avoided the dreaded center aisles and made a beeline to the bakery and picked-up a fresh baguette and happily made my way to the self check-out and walked-on home! How easy was that?

I fully intended to create a normal ‘ol sub style sandwich but then I remembered how darn hot it was in my house (air conditioning is expensive to run and I am stubborn), so out I went and fired-up the grill with last year’s trip to Paris on my mind. You see, I ate my way around Paris in May 2016 and the memories of lazy lunches still excite me. I had quite a few open-faced sandwiches on baguettes, called Tartines. Some were toasted, some were on fresh bread but they were all delicious and effortlessly cool. Better yet, crazy affordable. I had to make my own!

So, I slathered some refrigerated Litehouse Caesar Dressing on a baguette, wrapped it in tin foil and grilled it ’til it turned into a delicious Casear flavoured garlic bread. I quickly grilled some zucchini and red onion that I brushed with a bit of dressing and seared some thick slices of beefsteak tomatoes. Once done, I layered all the yummy fresh goodness on top of each other, sprinkled some lemon juice and parsley on top and bit in. Pure bliss found in a lazy-day lunch!

Want to try this lazy-day lunch out for yourself? Just head to the refrigerated section of your favourite grocery store to find the delicious, garlic and Parmesan packed Litehouse Caesar Dressing and Dip! Or, check-out my giveaway below the recipe! Good luck, friends!

Contest Closed. Congrats to local reader Sandra for winning! This giveaway begins Friday, July 7, 2017 at 12:00 AM CST and remain open until Friday, July 21, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST. The prize includes 4 vouchers directly from Litehouse Foods! The giveaway is open to residents of Canada only (including my friends over in Quebec)! The winner will be notified by email the week of July 23, 2017 and will have 48 hours to respond. In the case of no reply, we will redraw! Follow the directions below. Bonne chance mes amis!

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