Spiked Canadian Hot Chocolate

Looking for an all-Canadian cocktail this winter? Look no further than this delicious Spiked Canadian Hot Chocolate, boasting Canadian Whiskey and a touch of mint. It’s the perfect treat after a day of adventuring in the snow! Cheers!

I am not sure how it is in your parts of the woods, but my goodness November has not been easy on us Winnipegers! It’s been cold, snowy, grey and windy.  I get home in the evening with a chill and desire to completely veg out. Thankfully, as I write this I am on a mini Holiday at a cabin in the great Manitoba wilderness. I am facing a beautiful semi-frozen lake and am warmed by the wood burning stove.  I am planning on shutting this computer off shortly and put on my Sorels, toque with a crazy huge pom-pom and going out with the pup for a hike. This is what winter is all about in Canada. Enjoying the weather and trying to stay warm.

I was invited by some great blogging friends to join in on what they call Connecting Over Cocktails. It’s a group of crazy talented Canadian Food Bloggers who love all things booze ;). For my first installment of this quarterly-ish get together, I wanted to make a drink that totally defined me and what I am all about: Proud Canadian and lover of all thing affordable! Also, I like chocolate so it was clear to me that this winter themed recipe would be chocolate based! One thing I don’t link about mixed hot chocolates or following the instructions on cocoa powder’s container to make hot chocolate is that there tends to be waaaaay too much sugar. There is a time and place for sweet things, but a hot chocolate, especially a spiked hot chocolate, shouldn’t be too sweet.

Thanks to my practice of wandering around Liquor stores in my spare time and checking-out interesting wines and liquors (as you do), I stumbled across a great all-Canadian product that is the star of this Spiked Canadian Hot Chocolate. Made from fresh Canadian dairy cream and award winning whiskey by Forty Creek, this is one luxuriously delicious liqueur! The staff at the store told me that is was Canada’s answer to Baileys and less sweet, which I knew would work perfectly in my cocktail idea. This liqueur won Gold for Flavoured Whiskey of the Year at the Canadian Whiskey Awards in 2017. Plus, it’s local and a few bucks cheaper than a bottle of Baileys so you are winning all around.

Spiked Canadian Hot Chocolate

Looking for an all-Canadian cocktail this winter? Look no further than this delicious Spiked Canadian Hot Chocolate, boasting Canadian Whiskey and a touch of mint. It's the perfect treat after a day of adventuring in the snow! Cheers!
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time3 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Canadian
Servings: 2 cocktails


  • 2 cups milk you choice of type. I like skim!
  • 2 tablespoons coco powder
  • 2.5 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 3 oz Forty Creek Cream Whiskey
  • steamed milk for topping optional


  • In medium size sauce pan, whisk in coco powder and sugar to the milk. Add peppermint extract. Warm over medium heat, stirring often as not to curdle the milk.
  • While hot chocolate is warming-up, place 1.5 oz of Forty Creek Whiskey Cream into each cup.
  • Once heated through, pour equal amounts of hot chocolate mixture over the liqueur. Top with steamed milk if desired. Cheers!

 Looking for other delicious cocktails by Canadian food bloggers? Check-out my friends’ creations below as part of our #FBCConnectingOverCocktails link party!






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  4. Looks so cozy and indulgent! I love that the liquor is less sweet than the usual name brand; I’m going to keep my eye out for it. This is perfect for taking on the go and wandering around looking at Christmas lights. I can’t wait to try it!

    • PeppersPennies

      Yes! It is so good, I am happy to have stumbled upon it! May make a good Christmas gift or two, as well! I love cozy warm cocktails in the winter! Super excited to check out your Egg Nog!

  5. suzanne dennis

    nice! i always like shopping local, Alberta if possible, then Canada next — so am thrilled with the Canadian ‘baileys’ — i’ve been known to have a coffee or two over the holiday season

    • PeppersPennies

      Hi Su!

      Thanks for coming-by and the lovely comment! I am so glad this is a new liqueur for you. I have only been drinking it for two weeks and already a huge fan!

  6. Amanda this recipe is so ‘you’, as you said in your introduction — and I love it! Inexpensive with gourmet (and Canadian!) flair, it sounds just perfect for a snowy December celebration. Your photos are gorgeous, too! Cheers from Calgary girl — so happy to have you join the Connecting Over Cocktails fun!

  7. I love that you used a Canadian product and I’m so glad you shared with us Forty Creek Cream Whiskey in this recipe! Your photos of this drink are heavenly – I want to just cozy up with one of these hot chocolates, put on a holiday movie and relax! Cheers to you this holiday season, so glad you joined the Connecting Over Cocktails fun!

    • PeppersPennies

      Hi Jessica, It was a blast to be part of this super talented group! I am so glad to have introduced the Cream Whiskey to you, I am sure if you are a Canadian Whiskey fan, it’ll be delicious! Let me know if you try it out!

  8. Nice!! I remember back in the day when my grandma taught me how to make my own hot chocolate with cocoa and sugar…I was floored! lol Of course SHE had a huge sweet tooth but I tend to agree with you, there’s no need for too much sweet. I don’t use Bailey’s because of this. Good to know there are other options out there.

    • PeppersPennies

      Ha! That’s a cute story. Grandmas tend to have sweet tooths, don’t they? I made these for a few friends last night out at the cabin and they all appreciated it wasn’t a huge sugar rush but with lots of layering of flavours. I think it’s going to be on heavy rotation over the next few weeks!

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