Camping Essentials: 10 Affordable, Easy Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip

Make the most of summer – go camping! Here is an all-Canadian round-up of 10 affordable recipes for your next camping trip, carefully curated from some of my favourite Canuck Food Bloggers. Here’s to eating well in the great outdoors! Happy camping!

10 Affordable, Easy Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip

Has everyone been enjoying the summer-like weather? I sure have! I have been out on a few hiking trips, long walks with my dog and enjoying the sunshine in my backyard. Also, lots of BBQ!  Summer is short so let’s make the best of it, shall we? This mini series of camping essentials features a list of my top 10 favourite Canadian recipes for your next camping trip, my ultimate campfire treat and a post (coming soon) featuring my must-haves for a weekend in the woods!

One of my favourite summer activities is to load-up the car and hit the highway and head for some good ‘ol fashioned exploration in a Provincial Park. My Husband and I are lucky to have a large group of friends who enjoy this just as much as us, so we try to get away as a big group for a few weekends together every year. Over May Long, we headed East to Minaki, Ontario for an 8 hour hiking trip and some lake front relaxation. After an interesting ordeal of preparing dinner over May Long that consisted of a cold pizza oven, smoked pickled asparagus (don’t try that at home, friends!) and a few too many beers, I vowed to keep things a bit more simple for my future camping meals. So, what’s on the menu for our upcoming weekend in Hecla Island, Manitoba? Get ready for some major camping trip recipe inspiration!

10 Affordable, Easy Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip
Recipes listed from left to right

Row 1 – Recipe # 1 – Grilled Baby Potatoes with Rosemary – A Virtual Vegan
These simple yet flavourful baby potatoes will be a hit at dinner time. Can be made on an open fire (coals and embers, not flames!) or a small portable grill.

Row 1 – Recipe #2 – Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – Peppers and Pennies
Make these the night before you hit the highway and you will be so happy you did! Perfect for a mid-afternoon snack and even better first thing in the morning, these affordable banana based muffins are just amazing with a steaming mug of campfire coffee.

Row 1 – Recipe #3 – Almond Flax Granola – River City Cookery
Planning on hitting a trail or two on your next camping trip? Plan ahead and make a double batch of this delicious and ultra Canadian Almond Flax Granola that boasts the flavours of Maple Syrup and affordability of canola oil and oats!

Row 2 – Recipe #1 – Greek Barley Salad – River City Cookery
Break-out the Coleman stove to cook your barley! This is a fuss free salad that keeps well in a cooler if you somehow manage to not have any leftovers.

Row 2 – Recipe #2 – Easy Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packets- Flavour & Savour
This make ahead meal can easily be grilled on the camp fire. It’s a great dish that is kid friendly and full of my favourite vegetable: Bell Peppers!

Row 3 – Recipe #1 – Mason Jar Peach Crisp – Flavour & Savour
Just because you are camping, doesn’t mean you are restricted to s’mores for dessert! Serve these guys for a more sophisticated camping dessert.

Row 3 – Recipe #2 – Lentil + Tuna Salad Sandwich – Peppers & Pennies
One of my most popular recipes on the blog makes for an ideal camping lunch. Tins of tuna pack well and everything else can be thrown into the cooler for a quick assemble in the mid-day sun. Packed with protein, this sandwich will definitely get you through your afternoon of trails and exploration.

Row 4 – Recipe #1 – Northern Camp Casserole – The Rustic Wife
Alana from The Rustic Wife knows how camp! This filling meal was develop specifically for the Coleman Stove and must be served on enamel camp-ware for the most authentic camping trip experience.

Row 4 – Recipe #2 – Pull-Apart Pizza Bread – Chews and Brews
How delicious does this sound for a midnight snack around the campfire? This fuss-free pizza bread is sure to make your camp mates smile.

Row 4 – Recipe #3 – Shrimp and Corn Foil Packets – Chews and Brews
There is a reason I feature two foil packet dinners on this round-up! They are simple and make for easy clean-up! This shrimp pack boasts southern flavours that would taste for good after a long day in the hot sun.

Let me know how you guys liked my camping trip round-up and please be sure to share the love with the recipe developers! Have a great recipe to add to the discussion? Let me know in the comments below what dish I am missing out on!

Be sure to check back soon for my second installment of Camping Essentials, where I share with you my top camping treat, Affordable Tipsy Campfire Nachos featuring Canadian Cheese. Happy camping!



  1. Wow! Lots of fabulous ideas in here! Thanks for including a couple of mine. Happy camping!

  2. Oh man do I miss camping in beautiful Canada! I do not camp anymore but just to try some of those recipes out I should definitely do it. You guys are lucky in Canada, it’s heaven to fire camp and it’s just beautiful sites everywhere! Plus there is no better way to finish off a camping dinner than with nice smores!

    • PeppersPennies

      You are so right, camping in Canada is one of the best activities you can do. So much variety in terms of campgrounds and hikes available to us. Plus, I love hanging around the fire with a beer in hand with friends for hours on end!

  3. Awesome round-up!!! I’m already printing a bunch for my Canada Day Camping Trip coming up!! Thanks for including my camping recipes!! 🙂

  4. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve camped, but I did really enjoy it. You know what I loved best? The food (obviously, right?) Hahaha! Love this roundup and makes me want to go to my favourite park from years ago (when the weather warms up, that is 😉 ).

    • PeppersPennies

      Hi Dawn! Oh, you really should! Just start-out light for a night or two in a Provincial park where the bathrooms aren’t too far and you still have running water 😉 Food tastes so much better when eaten (and cooked) outdoors. It’s kinda the hilight of any trip.

  5. So you mean there are camping meals other than weiners and beans? I am shocked!

    Great list, I can’t wait to try some of these! I’ll likely make them in my house though, my version of camping is sleeping with the window open.

    • PeppersPennies

      Oh weiners and beans were the go-to meal when camping as a kid… yikes! And camping isn’t for everyone, but eating great food IS. Any of these recipes can be made at home in the back yard no worries.

  6. Nice round-up! I love camp cooking – I think it’s my favourite part of camping other than waking up to the sounds of the forest. I will have to add some of these recipes to the camp menu this summer. Thanks!

    • PeppersPennies

      Hi Leslie-Anne! Thanks for coming-by. We love camping here and I type this as I ‘recover’ from quite a wonderful camping trip in the Manitoba Interlake region. The mornings were the best, listening to the birds as I woke up and made strong tea and coffee over the fire! Happy camping this summer!

  7. Thanks for the list of awesome recipes. I go camping all the time so I will probably use one of these in the near future.

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