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Summer isn’t over yet! Make the most out of these last few weeks of August! Fire-up the grill and celebrate summer by making these Budget Burgers! Made with a juicy mixture of ground beef and pork, onion and pantry staple seasonings these burgers are packed with flavour for a tiny cost.

I love the end of Summer! The farmer’s market’s produce is crazy cheap, the nights are still and everyone is eager to go-out on an adventure while the living is still slow. But, that’s not the only reason I love this time of year…

It’s Peppers and Pennies’ Birthday!

That’s right! The blog is officially 2 years old and I have zero idea where the time went! This past year has been absolutely amazing and I celebrated many milestones, found my photography style and learned so much along the way. Highlights include my first sponsored post with Egg Farmers of Canada to my first appearance (of hopefully many) on CTV Live Winnipeg. I’ve made some yummy treats along the way and even tackled a whole bird. There have been many nights spent behind my laptop screen, drinking gin and tonics and typing away. It’s been a great year and I appreciate all the love and support I have received from my readers! I sometimes find myself staring at my Google Analytics shocked that people actually come to my site to see what I am putting out there, but alas, here we are! You all rock!

To celebrate, I fired-up the grill, poured an ice cold beer and treated my husband to a backyard BBQ bash. We ate these burgers on the deck with some plain chips and the best summer berries we could get our hands-on. It was a relaxed mid-week celebration but it was oh-so-needed.  We polished-off two burgers each and were way too full for the ice cream dessert I had planned for late in the evening! Last year I celebrated with a quick and easy Brownies recipe that would be a perfect dessert after scarfing these down, if you don’t eat too many burgers, that is! Seriously, what better way to reflect on an awesome year than with these burgers?

These Budget Burgers are so perfect for a causal get together of any kind, or a really awesome Monday night. I chose these to celebrate year two of the blog as they are quintessentially Peppers & Pennies. Unapologetically cheap, these burgers use a quarter pound of meat each but come in at under 6 bucks for the entire lot of them. These burgers are part of my Budget Basics series as these are such an easy yet delicious recipe that can really take you far!

If you have been a longtime reader of Peppers & Pennies you may feel this recipe is a tad familiar. That is because the patty mixture I use is nearly identical to the meat mixture I use for my Sweet & Sour Meatballs. When you have something that works, I say use it as much as you can!

Thanks again to all my reader, friends and family for making this one heck of a year! I can’t wait to share with you all the delicious recipes and content I have planned for year 3! Big shout-out to my husband Henry and Bestie Alyx for always being-up to trying these new recipes, sharing ideas and helping me as I rush around the kitchen trying to make everything picture perfect. I couldn’t do it without you!




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