The Budget Basics Series

So, you want to save money but still manage to cook well? You’ve come to the right place!

While the entire Peppers & Pennies blog is focused on budget friendly food and drinks (or a focus on technique to ensure you don’t waste your ingredients) the recipes highlighted here are basic budget recipes. Basically, these are *the* recipes to have in your arsenal and are often great launching pads to get creative in the kitchen. These also juuuuussst may be the types of foods (or versions of) you should have learned in your Grade 7 Home Economics class. Well, if you were paying attention, that is!

Stay tuned as more recipes are added!


Basic Budget Breads

Basic Budget Mains
Roast Turkey (full bird)
Walnut Pesto

Basic Budget Veggies
Vinaigrette Caesar Salad Dressing

Basic Budget Treats
Stay tuned!