Hi, Friends! Welcome to Peppers & Pennies!
Peppers & Pennies is a cooking blog focused on creating home cooked classics and comfort food on a small budget for the Millennial audience. There is no budget shaming here.

I cook from scratch and enjoy the process. I believe that a home cook can do so much with very little, but they must not be afraid to invest a little time and effort into the process. You’ll thank me later.

We all need to eat; why not learn to eat cheap?

The brains behind the site is me, Amanda.

I am a proud Manitoban who loves to be outside. Outside of the blog, I am a graduate student at University of Winnipeg. When I am not behind a computer screen sipping tea or cooking-up a storm in my kitchen you can find me hiking with my dog, Layla or researching my next budget trip.

I hope you enjoy my creations. Please feel free to comment, share and test these recipes out! I would love to hear how they treat your taste buds and wallet!

Happy cooking,